Dactyl Manuform Keyboard supplemental build guide: Part 1 - Supplies

July 3, 2018
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My Dactyl Manuform Keyboard My Dactyl Manuform Keyboard

My personal keyboard

Step 1: Read the original guide

First, start by looking at tshort’s guide. He is the designer of this keyboard and his readme does technically cover everything needed to build the keyboard. That said, it does leave a bit up to interpretation and glosses over some bits. The goal of this supplement and future ones is to fill in those gaps to make this easier for anyone to build.


Step 2: Buy some supplies

tshort’s list is accurate, but most of the specific links were dead and there are supplies for multiple different styles of the build included. I’m just going to list the supplies for my prefered way to simplify matters.

I added examples of all the needed supplies to a pinterest board you can view here. Buy from wherever though, these links are just representations.


You can find all of this on amazon, but if you have time to wait, buying from somewhere like AliExpress will make this MUCH cheaper.

Required components:

Optional components:


Required Tools:

Nice-to-have Tools:

I’ll make another post soon that supplements the actual build instructions.